We are a Christian faith based non-profit organization since 1992 that  exists to provide a community of encouragement, support, and compassion to the students of the University of Oklahoma. We understand that the University experience is a pivotal period of time for students.  Minds are stretched, beliefs are tested, relationships change, and we know it can be challenging. It’s our belief that we can positively impact the lives of students during this time. It’s our goal that this positive influence comes from our staff and community through events, relationships, and meeting needs of students. We specialize in mentoring and peer relationships to support students as they navigate through tough questions of life.  As we encounter students during this time, it is the goal to cultivate a community that perpetuates encouragement, support, and compassion.

Statement of Mission for the Nazarene Student Center at OU

The mission of the OU NSC is to serve and build relationships with the University of Oklahoma community, its students, faculty, and staff, in the following manners:

  • Making the person and work of Jesus Christ known, including Proclaiming, by word, and Demonstrating, by deed, the reality and love of God;
  • Acting justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with our God;
  • Supporting the ministry of the local church; and
  • Making Christ-like disciples of those in the nations.
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